Weekend Maine Getaway.....Indian Summer

Hi, my name is Mary, and I'm a recovering Fall-o-phobic.  Heh.

Maybe it was Maine, and the super nice people that seem to all live there. Maybe it was the Moose adventure.  Maybe it's the fact that it hasn't really gotten cold here yet in Rhode Island. My attempt to sit back, relax and enjoy the change of seasons (Autumnal Acceptance) has resulted in...me liking it, kinda. Woo hoo.

A beautiful time of the year in New England...the part of October that still remains sunny and warm enough to go outside without jackets, even into the night hours.  The butterflies are still out, the water is cooling down in the ponds and lakes..Why haven't I noticed all this stuff happening before? It's probably something I can attribute, again, to my camera.

Above are more scenes from the Maine Highlands...Moosehead Lake..and surrounding areas.

As a kid I remember the night of Halloween always being super cold, and my mother forcing me to wear a huge puffy Michelin-Man coat over my costumer- ruining the whole effect. So I'm trying to enjoy the days before that fateful day arrives this year.. and it always seems to take everyone by surprise!

These adirondack chairs sported cutout pine trees and overlooked Moosehead Lake.  The water was cobalt blue and the mountains surrounding the lake were tinged with red, orange, yellow and green.

Above are some views from the same hill above the lake, and the sherbet hued sunset behind the pines.  A great place to sip some cider and take in the sights and scents of the changing season.
Hope you enjoyed! (While all of this color is happening in Northern New England, we in the Southern section have yet to see the brilliant color of seasons past...still waiting (hoping)! for some additional color, but if it doesn't come I will set out with a few choice lenses this weekend, anyhoo.)   :)


M.M.E. said...

Such beautiful leaves! I come from North Dakota so I understand the Michelin man jacket issue. No one ever knew what I was. :)

A New England Life said...

Oh Mary, you are so fortunate to have spent some time in Maine during the fall foliage! I don't think we're going to see colors as vivid here in southern sections due to a lack of cold nights. Already many of the leaves have turned brown and lie on the ground.

Your photos are a feast for the eyes! If only that color could linger a bit longer.

Mary V said...

MME - North Dakota! oh my! I would think it would be much colder in the middle of the country than here, but I could be wrong :)

Sharon yes I was so glad I found a few days to get away. Still hoping to see SOME foliage this weekend- going to try to hit the "Last Green Valley" in CT for some color. thanks for visiting :))

Anne said...

WOW, Mary! Gorgeous photos. I love the fall foliage, however we don't get any of it here in Houston, Texas.
Having grown up in northern Michigan, I totally get the wearing an overcoat, scarf, and galoshes on Halloween....we repeated this most usually at Easter, too!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Lovely captures there Mary :)

I am really jealous that you get to be around water and have that beautiful backdrop, I am not sure it is poss. to find that here in Oregon with all our conifers :(

But I do drive the streets of Portland looking for the the Fall leaves they are usually in other people's gardens, I just have to be careful not to point directly at their living rooms while shooting photos, smile, LOL :)

Have a lovely day, T. :)

O. Joy said...

Mary, you ALWAYS amaze! And you changed your blog (looks great!)! How do you find time? I always struggle over the design! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! mwuah! xo

Moorea Seal said...

Beautiful photos! I've never been to New England, Maine, or Rhode Island but I'd love to visit some day in the fall of course :) Thankfully, Seattle has a pretty gorgeous fall too but we get quite a bit of rain!
xo Moorea

Lynda said...

These are gorgeous Mary! It looks like our colour has already peaked ... we had patches of it but not as much as previous years. Love, love, love those Adirondack chairs! xo

Georgianna said...

Your beautiful photos and delightful words would convert the biggest autumn-phobe, I believe, Mary! Just heavenly! Thank you for your lovely words on my mag features and congrats again to you on Somerset Life! xo - g

Anika said...

Wowie, really impressive sight. so beautiful.

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