Hi! I'm Mary, from Rhode Island, USA. I live here with my two kitties, Phoebe and Roxie... welcome to my blog, where you will find informal adventures with my camera, photography mixed with digital textures, Photoshop tricks I'm learning,  inspiration from other talented photographers, artists and writers, all mixed in with a little bit from my life...

I purchased my digital SLR camera in 2009 after years of wanting to see better results with my tiny point and shoot camera. I never studied photography in school. I picked up about 17 books, my camera, and went out exploring.

I also had not learned how to use Photoshop to its full advantage! While many of my photos are nature inspired and do not "require" editing, I find a little time perfecting on the computer makes me happier with the final image. I've found over the last year there are favorite Photoshop actions, texture tips, and resources that have really helped me achieve certain effects with my photos. I love sharing those things.

Currently I am a graduate student in the speech and hearing sciences and hope to be able to incorporate my photography with a career in speech therapy someday.

I hope my blogging can continue to lead me to try new things with my photography and share them with you as I do!

More ways you can visit me:

My Etsy - my photo shop where you can purchase my prints affordably in all sizes. I list new items very often. UPDATE: My Etsy shop is still active, but I am no longer selling prints due to my school schedule. I hope to be able to start it up again soon.
My Flickr - random and fun collection of my photos that I share online using Flickr. Flickr is also an excellent way to find others who are using a specific camera, shoot a certain style, or are in your region. I definitely recommend trying it out!

You can also subscribe to my blog using RSS (I use Google's version) and I also like Bloglovin'. Once you follow certain blogs, they will show up in your RSS feed or "reader", where you can conveniently see all new posts in one place.