New Mexico...Rosaries, Shrines and Crosses

I traveled to New Mexico in are some images I came back with of the religious icons and crosses I saw there.

These are some crosses that were hung on the wall in the shops at the Loretto Chapel. I have some images of the inside of the chapel as well- I'll post them soon.

Here is the Lady of Guadalupe, in downtown Santa Fe, with the church behind her.

Above, entering the Santuario de Chimayo, there are lots of arches with crosses and angels and a fence with little dreamcatchers and rosaries attached to it.

Above are some images from inside the Santuario de Chimayo. When we went, they weren't open yet, but the man setting up the hanging chiles on the storefronts let us walk around and take photos of the buildings. Inside the shrine above are people's pictures of family members and loved ones they pray for. I really love the detailed hearts inside the crosses atop some of the buildings. And those doors are amazing.
If you're visiting the Santa Fe area I recommend stopping by Chimayo. It's a small town on the high road to Taos in northern New Mexico.
~Happy Weekend!~