My Thankful List (you might be on it!)

I know it's not Thanksgiving yet but I'll be too stuffed to write anything tomorrow...just got back from vacation in Florida where I took the above pic from the car window. Don't you just love those rays the sun sends down as you're driving home on some ordinary day?
Anyway, here is my short list for now...
I am thankful for....
* nature's beauty ..nature can always center you when you're lost * my awesome Etsy customers who give me such kind and positive feedback on my could purchase art from thousands of people and you chose me- thank you!! * Phoebe and Roxie, my ever present and always loving kitties * Joe, my coworker who can make me laugh in the midst of a torturous day * FPOE, the female photographers group that is always sharing information and triumphs and helping me grow as an artist and through which I have met some wonderful people * my cousin's new twins, premature but growing chubbier every day...they are so brave * my warm bed on a ridiculously cold New England night (and my wood burning fireplace, too *  slow cooker chili * nice people at the supermarket * my photo lab lady *  hulu, I can watch whatever shows I want, whenever I want to * my blog followers who take the time to read about my crazy life * my family who loves me unconditionally and whom I appreciate more with each day  :)
I'm sure I missed a thousand other things but for now that's what I'm thinking of.....I hope you all get to spend this holiday with your friends and family, too...:))

Art Makes the Perfect Gift! 2011 Mini- Beach calendar, $7

A new version of the 5x7 calendar, now 4x6 and even more affordable! The price makes it a great gift for anyone, office workers, friends- or bring it to a holiday party as a hostess gift!

Click here to purchase and see more images!

Front Page of Etsy - "As the Snow Falls"

My photograph featuring Morris the Snowy Owl was featured on Etsy's front page on Saturday! Yay!
Thanks to SkiShopKnits for creating this awesome treasury (and she was happy too, this was her first time creating one!)

I guess the snow will be falling soon, which I am really not thrilled about (as discussed in previous posts.) But I do plan on taking my camera out for freshly fallen snow pics. It's just never the same the next day!
 ;)  Mary