Light + Orange & Red Maple = Bliss

I had some time this weekend to do nothing but drive around looking for the most colorful trees I could find. It seems the further west I drive, the more colorful they get. We still think it is due to Hurricane Irene and the salt from the ocean that burned a lot of the trees in coastal New England. Here is a preview. Happy Monday!

True story: for the third photo above, I snuck into a deserted parking lot of a church. I figured it was empty and no one would mind. Right as I pulled out my camera, these HUGE dogs came running over to the chainlink fence that was there and began barking. I guess they were church guard dogs? I love dogs, but I swear these dogs were bigger than Saint Bernards and had fangs. As I took the photos I said out loud "Nice Doggy!" until finally I figured the barking would annoy the neighbors and left. But I got some nice shots..heheh!


Annelie said...

Beautiful photos.
I agree, fall is as colorful as spring, like a fire work.
I am laughing at your photo story. It's funny.
Often, while riding in the car, I will drive past beautiful potential pictures, and there isn't always a good place to pull over and park. But you just know you have to take the picture.


bicocacolors said...

such a gorgeous colors palette!!!

Preeti said...

Mary, I love the bright color! I was off looking for some leaves of my own this weekend too.
I really love the last 2 photos of the close up of the leaves. Did you use a 50mm on those and are they tilt-shift?

Anne said...

gorgeous photos, Mary. i love fall...unfortunately, we don't really experience fall like this in southeast Texas!

Mary V said...

Annelie, I KNOW!! I can never pull over. sigh. Sometimes I even stop is dangerous! LOL
Preeti I used a 50mm set on 2.5 or something similar for the aperture. The sun was going down and I needed extra light. I swear that lens makes everything look like fine art..: )

Caitlin said...

Beautiful colours!!! It is hard to resist the urge to trespass sometimes isn't it?

liza said...

It's true!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words and lucky for you, your ankles are intact. Gorgeous pictures...I sure miss the colors of Fall.

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

The brave intrepid photographer goes anywhere to get her images, LOL :)

No, seriously, I would have hightailed it out of there, dogs and I do not get along.

Awesome shots, I am going to brave the cold and poss. rain to see if I can get a few shots of the last leaves before the storm comes in :)

Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

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