"Autumnal Acceptance" and 4 Free Textures for Fall

Ok, Ok. I understand the magic of Autumn! I just wish it would be followed by another summer...instead of the New England winter. That's all. That's my only problem with the season.

The golden and light orange colors are everywhere now. You know that golden hour just before sunset? It suddenly seems like that is every hour of the day. Also I am noticing a lot of Monarch butterflies around here. I'm assuming they are on their yearly migration down to Mexico. Sure wish I were going with them...maybe having a few Margaritas..

So I'm giving in to the season, reluctantly, like I do every year. In the spirit of Autumnal Acceptance, I have decided to keep my camera busy this season. Some of the things I'll be doing...if you are interested and/or in the New England area:
  • Taste of Block Island weekend, Block Island, Rhode Island. Our first time going.
  • Cranberry Harvest festival, Wareham, Massachussetts.  This one we went to last year and it was awesome. I plan to bring my new lens and get better pics of the Owls/ raptors they have on show there.
  • International Oktoberfest, Newport, Rhode Island. This one's a maybe; this is a busy weekend, and depending on how the foliage report is I may want to go up further North and do some leaf- peeping!
  • Scituate Art Festival, Scituate, Rhode Island. We go to this every year, usually on Columbus Day. I buy lots of my Christmas gifts here and the foliage is usually peaking around this time; the village of Scituate is gorgeous during this time of year, with old churches and lots of maples, natural lakes and the reservoir. Warning- don't go if you don't like crowds!
Here are also a few more textures I made in Photoshop for autumn...you can download them here by opening in a new window: (and I will be adding them to my Flickr textures set as soon as I can.)
Peak Autumn texture

Blush Bokeh texture

Vintage Sepia Bokeh texture

Warm & Grungy texture
All textures are for your personal use or for use in finished creations. :)


Anonymous said...

Mary, I just love the light in the photos! Definitely reminiscent of Autumn!

Ugh, I'm not ready to give in yet. Even though the summer weather is pretty much gone at this point. I totally agree with you - summer should follow autumn! In fact, I vote for spring, summer, fall, summer, etc.!

bicocacolors said...

I love these fall colors and collage with them is wonderful!


Annelie said...

Hmm... there's an idea, to have another summer follow the fall.
Beautiful blog and beautiful pictures, added myself.
Hey, I just saw some Swedish pastries "dammsugare" or vacuum cleaners translated. Gotta go and find out your Swedish connection.



Mary V said...

thank you guys! Annelie, I am actually not Swedish but I really wish I had invented those awesome cookies, I first bought them at IKEA and am obsessed with them! Delish!! If you search my blog for that post you'll see my pics of them, before I devoured them all!
thanks for visiting :))

Victoria said...

What lovely early-autumnish photos! I may have to take advantage of your pretty textures... :)

I'm quite happy about autumn. I've been waiting for it since June!

~ Victoria {raindropsandmoonlight.blogspot.com}

Georgianna said...

Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to this autumn. Gorgeous photos, Mary!

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