New prints..soon to be available, all Buy One Get One FREE

Just some new pieces available in my shop.... and some potentials below that I'll probably be adding shortly! I'm trying to build up some options for people who are choosing a second print, as I still have the Buy One, Get One Free sale going on...and free is fun!

and here are some I'll probably be adding shortly........

I'm also working on some new landscapes and shell prints that I hope to be adding before mid-November. Have a great day!!

Roxie the cat's Night at the Movies: Watching Animal Planet

My cat Roxie watched Animal Planet's "Wild Russia" for an hour last night. I grabbed my camera. Here she is:

She even tries to follow the wolf right off the screen....haha...

Roxie comes face to face with the great Ural Wolf....

 Roxie is entranced by the stampede of migrating Eurasian Elk (known as Moose here in the US.)..

She continued to be interested even past the credits, but then the show continued!....

A different kind of bird watching...

 A closer encounter with the moose!

This is my favorite....Roxie and some sort of Russian salamander....creepy!

5 Ways I'll Stay Inspired to Photograph in the Winter

I'm one of those New Englanders that dreads Autumn.
Not because I don't enjoy this season, but because Winter follows it. That's really a negative way of looking at things, especially as I hope to continue enjoying photographing into the next season. So here's what I'm planning on doing in the upcoming months to help keep me inspired...

1. Look into events that get me and my camera out of the house. So what if the festivals and fairs are long gone, and the birds have (mostly) gone south? We still have lots going on, especially as the holidays draw closer. Holiday decorations and lights on the mansions of Newport, Santa coming in by sleigh boat to Chatham harbor....whatever. There's sure to be something interesting at any of those events.

2. Branch out of typical "winter shots". (No pun intended.) Last year was my first winter with my new camera, and I took photographs of pretty much everything, because I was seeing everything with new eyes. Getting home, looking at image after image of tree branches....ok, not so inspiring. This year, what about taking photos of the same things I do in the summer? The beaches are empty, the Cape highways will be void of traffic, and there are flowers that bloom in winter, too. Amaryllis, holly, mums...just as stunning, and much more appreciated, in this gloomy expanse of a season.

1.       1.Red Shed II, 2. Cornfield Storm

3. Get more acquainted with portraiture. My cousin just had twins. I have a remote that I hardly ever used. I have a tripod that sits alone in the corner gathering dust. I'd love to take some photos of the boys as they enjoy their first months, candid and unposed and innocent. And I have downloaded some photoshop actions that I'd love to start using on faces.

1.Gold Buttons, 2. Fall Berries

4. Get up earlier on weekends. It's an unfortunate fact that in the dead of winter, my sun is gone at 3:30 pm, making me want to crawl into bed and stay there. So most working days, I won't be able to get outside and do much of anything with my camera. But on weekends, I can maximize the sunlight if at all possible, so the loss is easier to bear...

5. Pore through my flickr faves. I'm constantly inspired by the talented photographers on flickr, and especially by those in my Etsy group FPOE. Many of them live in New England, Canada, the Northwest, and Europe, so I'll have to check in to see what's keeping them and their cameras busy during the next few months. I'm sure I'll have plenty of computer time during those famous Nor'easter blizzards to get some new ideas of places to travel and nature to search for. Snowy owls?  Ducks that never seem to mind the frozen lakes and ponds? Seed and berry-eating birds? And speaking of birds, they're much easier for me to see in bare trees. Last year a particularly fat sparrow visited me every day in the same tree outside my house- he's there in the summer too, but I can't see him.

Whew! Maybe I can look forward to winter now. (Kind of.) :)

When the weather is bad....I make jewelry..and lots of it!

Yep, the weather stinks here. Two weeks of depressing rain, howling wind and total grayness. BUT, I've been trying to put it to good use. :) Here are some of my new pieces available in my shop...what do you think, I'd love to hear!

Above, "Pink is the color of Hope" necklace.

Above: : "Sprockets", this one sold the second I listed it. Hrm, I'll have to make another one!

Above: here's a glass pendant I made using my original photo "Waiting for a Ride" and beautiful glass tiles, bails and supplies from the lovely seller CandyTiles2 - can't say enough about her shop, and she's quick to respond and helpful to boot, too. I'm STILL working on a tutorial for these- it's hard to take photos inside when the light outside is nonexistent, especially when I'm using a remote timer, and trying to hold the materials...argh.
Here's another, smaller glass tile example using "Thoughtful Gargoyle":

Above: "Black Earth".  Made this from a silver chain, multiple black, variegated and white beads wrapped around the chain with wire, and finishing with a large slice of polished black agate. Yum!

Above: "Blue Moon Sparrow", another filigree wrapped piece I did using Vintaj brass findings and turquoise.

I added some little charm-y necklaces and vintage pieces too....I went to Western Massachusetts last weekend and have some awesome finds to share as soon as I can snap some pics! ;)

October means Pink

As a childhood cancer survivor, my heart is always touched by those who are going through this diagnosis and treatment, no matter what type they are dealing with. And it's even harder for those friends and family who support us to see us go through the hardships of this illness. In the last few years I have had three friends diagnosed with lung, breast and bladder cancer. Here is my small part in doing something to help.

From now until the end of October, I will be selling my 4x6 special edition prints at a price of $7 each,  with free shipping within the US and Canada. $5 of each print sold will go directly to a local support group for women living with cancer. I am working with the group and with a friend who is part of the group and introduced me to them.
Here are the two prints I am featuring! Each will be printed on professional "crystal archive" paper with archival-rated pigment to last a lifetime. Each print is presented in a clear archival bag for safekeeping until you frame it, or until you give as a gift- whatever you choose.

Both are available on my shop page.