Autumn Under Water.

More photos in the spirit of Autumnal Acceptance! (it helps to accept the end of summer when I have my camera around.) Leaves floating and buried under shallow water...

And I'm loving subtle Autumn reflections that still have lots of green in them...

And finally, I love the super-dedicated beavers building their winter homes in the shadow of the changing colors.  Look at this one....on its way to being a mansion, right? Who's the lucky lady?

Happy Monday...(if there is such a thing..) It is supposed to rain every day this week, but the weather hasn't been accurate in months so I won't get my hopes down for camera's coming everywhere I go despite the predictions...:) 
Also I redesigned my blog for the 137th time this year. I think I have banner obsessive compulsion. Someday I'll write a post with all the banners I've created. (it would take me hours, though.)
ALSO....last week two of my photos made it into Explore on Flickr. I got lots of nice feedback and visitors. That's always super fun! If you're on Flickr you can visit me here. ; )

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Anne said...

Mary, your autumn photos are gorgeous. Love the leaves under water shots.

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