Last Beach Day of the Year....a scenic day trip through Cape Cod

As soon as I realized the temperature was hot like a midsummer's day on Saturday, I got in my car and drove....and drove and drove until I saw these sights. Most take on Cape Cod, Route 6A, Old King's Highway, one of the most scenic drives in the country filled with secret parks, giant trees, marshlands, lakes, bluffs, ocean, mansions, antique shops...enjoy!

1. Untitled, 2. Sparkly Sunlight at the Beach, 3. Sparkles on the Water, 4. Gold in the Water

1. Water and Grass, 2. In the Forest, 3. Someday, 4. Fields

1. Beach Gold, 2. Punkins, 3. Pumpkins for Sale, 4. When you were young

1. You're making me blush., 2. I'm a little shy, 3. Autumn at the Marsh, 4. Harvest Sunset

1. Last Beach Day of Summer, 2. PineCone, 3. Nickerson State Park-pond, 4. Tracks

P.S. ----Here's a treasure trove of fun shopping, from my friends on Etsy....thank you! ;)
All things camera- retro, kitschy fun
Lavender Goodness- everything's light purple
Muted Gray palette - for a break from the kitsch
Remember the 80's?-  colorful childhood memories--and a real ALF doll.
Hoo loves Owls?  - I do, obviously! I want every one of these!
Opposites attract: Lemon and Lavender, opposites on the color wheel.


T @ Poppy Place said...

Oh Mary, everytime I see your work I am blown away. All the beautiful colours, the vistas and the many different perspectives are gorgeous. Lady, you live in one beautiful part of the world. I really need to see it one day in person, you capture such beauty. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely Monday, T. :)

O. Joy said...

Thanks for taking me on such a scenic & beautiful tour through your little corner of the world! I love the way youexperience & see the world, Mary! You have such a gift of bringing us beauty!

Danangib said...

Stunning pictures !!!

Georgianna said...

How beautiful and inspiring, Mary. We're having hot and sunny weather this week, too, so we're heading to the Oregon Coast. These images really got me in the mood! xo – g

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