Early Autumn in New England...

As much as I dread the end of summer- I'm already planning vacations in the winter to ease my suffering- I figured I might as well take a drive to check out some of this stuff you cold weather lovers call "foliage". So, sigh- here it is. (sniffle)

I guess I really don't notice leaves too much until this time of year- or until they're gone. That's because I live at treetop level, so in the summer it's as though I'm in some sort of treehouse....then in winter all I can see is headlights. It's too stark for me. I'll try and make the best of it with my camera, though. Bare trees are great for surreal and dramatic sky shots and for sighting birds. Of course, they usually fly away by the time I get ready to take a picture. ;)
And would you take a minute to check this out? Alyssa, who runs The Project You blog in Australia, decided to feature me on her blog as well as hosting a giveaway for one of my prints! I was so tickled to see the nice things she said about me.  Her blog is so wonderful because its goal is the reinforcement of happiness and positivity. I looooove one of the projects she started with some sunglasses: She sent out a few pair of brightly colored sunglasses to some of the girls on her mailing list, and once they receive them they wear them for a week or so then mail them on to the next recipient.
Just see this page for a 3 minute burst of sunshine in your day! (especially helpful on Mondays...)


Alyssa said...

Mary these photos are INSANELY beautiful, the colours of fall always make me happy. Want to house swap over my summer? today it was like 23 degrees, already too hot! bring back the 10degreees!

Thankyou for writing about project you as well :) xx

Jingle said...

I actually just noticed that the leaves had begun to turn yesterday! LOL! These are beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

I hate to see summer go too, Mary! Ugh...
But yes, fall allows for some amazing photo opportunities! I really love this series.
I'm a huge fan of leaves, got into it particularly this year, so I'm loving the closeups!

Brandi Reynolds said...

I love fall color...what amazing shots!

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