A lesson in Joy, from Maggie May the dog

I want to use my post today to bring attention to a cause dear to my heart- animals. I recently learned that a member of my online photography team, Joy, was struggling to pay some exorbitant vet bills for her beloved friend, companion, muse (and even model!) Maggie May.  There are not many among us who would not do everything they could for their companion animals- but their story is particularly special and more complex than a simple blog post could communicate.  
Above: A Day at the Beach", by Joy St. Claire
 In short, Maggie May is Joy’s best friend, going wherever she goes, intertwining her lovely doggie self into Joy’s gorgeous photography, and acting as her whole family.  In addition to her fame on the internet and on Joy’s Etsy shop of fine art photography, this free-spirited Lab/ Greyhound mix has been giving back to the community for years. She has been featured on animal calendars to raise money for rescue groups, and she was also a therapy dog, visiting local hospitals,  and helping heart patients recover from surgery and treatment. Despite being in two different homes and two animal shelters by the age of 1, Maggie has forgived and forgotten her tough start in life. Joy says that Maggie can be seen around Central Ohio "with her head hanging out the car window" on any given day.
Maggie May has been helping and lending her love to society; now it is time to help her back! After a bout of pancreantitis and complications, she is recovering and eating again and getting back to being her old,playful self. Joy has spared nothing in making sure her best buddy was saved. In the meantime, Joy is left with supporting her health care and recovery which involved hospital stays and lots of medication.  
Above: "Diva Dog", by Joy St. Claire
I recently read a great article about spending money on things that bring you joy, in the August issue of Oprah magazine. Author Martha Beck says, about spending $12,000 to give her beloved golden retriever Bjorn knee replacement surgery, "I paid [for them] without a second thought...Bjorn is to me what diamonds are to whoever wrote that song...a girl's best friend." 
 Above: "Party Girl", by Joy St. Claire
Says Joy, on her Etsy shop, "We love our pets. The quote by Anatole France sums it up perfectly: 'Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.' I like to say that Maggie and I rescued each other. We learned to trust together, we learned about gaining confidence together, and we learned that patience and love can conquer much."
Joy already donates portions of her sales from Etsy to aide the Gulf Coast oil spill recovery, but from now until the vet bills are paid all sales must go toward Maggie’s veterinary care.  Will you take a moment to reflect on the special partnership that our companion animals share with us, and visit Joy’s awesome photo shop to appreciate the beauty she sees in life? With every purchase you’ll be helping Joy and Maggie May recover- in health and finance.  And you’ll be adding  an original piece of beautiful, affordable art to your home that will have a very special meaning that you’ll remember every time you see it. There is nothing better. 

P.S. Joy's photography shop page can be found here...prepare to be lost in dreamy light and the beauty of simple things.  


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Thanks for the recommendation of Joy's work - it is just lovely.

O. Joy said...

I'm sitting here with tears, Mary. You completely conveyed the partnership & relationship Maggie & I have. I can't thank you enough. You have such a beautiful way with your words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart... & Maggie's, too.

Montagyoo said...

Wonderful post. I'm sending happy thoughts to Joy and Maggie. :)

Mary said...

xo- thanks to everyone- please repost and share :)

Mandy Bryant said...

So lovely, Mary.

laura evans/photography said...

so so pretty ... & i love how someone else considers there pet their muse (though with mine it's usually accidental). Love the post & hate the situation Joy is currently in. Off to tweet the blog!

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