New Glass Tile Photo Pendants!

These are so much fun to make and wear! I use my original photography for my photography shop,  and I also make and sell decoupage and vintage ephemera pieces on my jewelry site,
Here are some that I've assembled and hope to photograph and list them soon!

Clockwise from top: After the Rain, purple lily; Blackbird in Winter, original photography; Vintage Birds; Morpho Butterfly; Water droplets; Eye Chart; Rocky Shoreline, original photography; Owl Eyes, original photography.

In addition to these, I've also purchased some really awesome vintage postcards that have great colors and scenes on them- windmills, beach scenes, birds, butterflies, etc. I also like the weird and unusual jewelry pieces, so I started making some others such as Ouija boards (for sale now on my jewelry shop!), eye charts, and decoupaged things with words.

Hope you like! If anyone reading this is interested to see a tutorial on these, let me know, maybe I will document the process next time I make a batch. Have a great weekend,  I am going to the Hot Air Balloon festival tonight, tomorrow Block Island, and hopefully Sunday the Barnstable County Fair, where I'll be able to get some wonderful, summery, colorful carnival fun shots!  :)


O. Joy said...

fabulous! I would love a tutorial!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Beautiful, I'd love a tutorial, too. I'd like to try making them.
Did you buy the supplies on Etsy? ie - glass, bails, glue/glaze?

Georgianna said...

These are fantastic, Mary! I've been struggling to make some with resin and it's so darn fiddly. Now I have to at least use up the supplies I got but I'm loving these glass ones. Great job!

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