The Delights of Auntie's Garden...

My cousins and I played endlessly in my Aunt's yard as children- they lived only a few doors down from me. Now her backyard has been transformed into an oasis of sorts. On even the hottest days- yesterday was in the high 80's in Rhode Island and extremely humid- Auntie was out gardening most of the day. Here are some of her treasures.

this was not a light summer rain
or drizzle
but the gentle drip of the hose

and the squeals of children
careful not to
trample on outlying petals
as they raced
toward the

none of them aware of the secret hiding places of
newborn robins
sparrows learning to fly
bees teaching ancient arts
buds hiding from the late afternoon

why this world has been
hidden from me
all these years ago I was
with fun
and the way
summer would not

now it is
blooms that might not last
sunshine that
doesn't always shine
or dapple itself on the
edge of my lens
just the
right way

now instead of
come in
for dinner

the discovery never ends
the bounty is
around me



Caitlin said...

These are so pretty, I love the soft blues behind the dahlias, like watercolours :)

ahhh.... summer....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Did you write the poem? I love the pairing with the lovely flower photos!

Georgianna said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, Mary, and very eloquent. I can see why you love it. Also enjoyed the feature on you at Caitlin's blog. Have a great weekend. xo – g

Mary said...

I did write it- must have been caught in the moment! Maybe I'll try my hand at poetry! lol. thanks for visiting ;))

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