Vintage Camera Love- FPOE Treasury

Etsy rolled out a new feature called Treasury East. From what I can tell this is a treasury system that is pretty much accessible to anyone who wants to curate a list of items- their fave shops, or displaying an ad, for example. I've never been able to nab a "regular" treasury spot, but this one was easy to do. I decided to focus on the ladies who sell their photography on Etsy- fPOE- and their beautiful works showing their collections of old cameras (and one videocamera) :)

Etsy's treasuries are a great way for sellers to showcase their favorite items from fellow crafters and artists, and the administrators behing Etsy often troll through the beautiful lists of treasuries and use some of the popular ones for their front page. A front page appearance is what will bring clicks and sales, so it is extremely coveted.

While I like the idea that treasuries are hard to come by- they are special, and being included in one is often a great honor- they're still elusive to those of us who don't stay glued to the computer waiting for them to come around. I like the idea that this new type of treasury is available for anyone to create and share.

Also- there is an easy way to save your treasury into an uploadable or emailable format! Click on the link for the treasury you want to upload, then go to the Thumbalizer website, type in the link url, and watch the program "thumbalize" before your eyes. Pick your ideal resolution, save as a .png file and you're done!

To have a  peek inside Etsy's current treasuries, click here- and don't blame me if you go broke shopping!


Caitlin said...

Hi Mary~ I'd like to view this treasury but I can't find it on Etsy. Do you have a link? Thanks for including me!

MaryVican said...

Ooops! Sorry Cait...I'm on vacation! But I can send you the image file when I get back. :)))Or check on the flickr thread for Etsy Treasuries I think I put the link there.

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