Owls and more Owls!

I love owls, and I collect them (but that's for another day), but the most exciting thing is always seeing them live! Unfortunately I am not very successful at doing this myself, so I've sought out shows, zoos and bird rescues to be able to see different types of owls. I just returned from Sarasota, Florida where I was able to visit the local Jungle Gardens as well as the Bird Rescue/ Sanctuary across from the Mote Aquarium on Longboat Key.

So, here are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!

These barred owls were so cute...there was a little family. The one above was staring at me. I love their two-toed little stance.

The great  horned owl. Note the damaged wing. He is a rescue at the sanctuary.

I love this "smiling" barn owl! He looks so cute! I'm amazed by their perfect heart-shaped faces.

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