Beauty in the Forgotten

What happened to the people who lived in this house? Were they driven away by the last recession? It sits lonely and abandoned, and just a little haunted, across from a normal, residential neighborhood in Connecticut.

No driveway. No cars. A few "do not enter" signs posted haphazardly on the front shingles, their red and black standing out harshly against the soft faded shades of decrepit wood and window.

I'm sure people were staring as I shot away on the front lawn-  but there was something beautiful about this place, with vines and branches growing over it and into its broken windows, and the kind of windows they don't make anymore, and its open field softly rustling with long, haggard grasses. Not exactly etsy-selling material maybe, but interesting.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

It's so beautiful, even in decay. Beautiful captures.

Mary said...

thanks Victoria!

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