Staying in Love

Yesterday, as I trolled the obvious and not so obvious Rhode Island beach haunts for photo opportunities, I ended up at Charlestown Beach (sometimes referred to as the Breachway). It was cold and windy- my camera lens was fogging- and empty, save for a nice man and his dog (Sadie.Yes, we made friends.) I happened upon one dried starfish, missing an arm, and a few feet away was another, this one intact and less dry.

As I pondered the life of a starfish, I decided to get some shots of the two and imagine them as friends, together on the beach. But I made sure I left them as I found them.Once in awhile I'll take some rocks, or shells, but for the most part I'm a proponent of leaving things as you found them- especially when it comes to nature. And most especially when it comes to the beach.
I submitted one of these to fellow fPOE team member and talented photographer, Katie King, for her newest endeavor, The Turtle Dove Project. What a beautiful question she is is that we can stay in love?

Update: My photo "Star-Crossed" has been featured in an etsy treasury entitled "Sands of Time." Treasuries are often chosen for the front page of etsy, and help us all gain exposure for our handmade items. Please check it out here and leave your comment!

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