Me and Elsie

Well, this is my first post to my new blog. I was inspired to start one after reading through all the beautiful pages of the ladies of fPOE, Female Photographers of Etsy.
I plan on using this as a guide to inspire myself. And maybe others. With my new camera, Elsie, I feel like all the beauty I've ever seen around me comes to life, the way I want it to, the way I always wished I could remember it later when thumbing through photos (or, ten years later, clicking through them.) I'm inspired to go places I've driven by but never stopped at. To see things I never looked that closely at. To edit pieces and not be afraid because sometimes it needs a little reworking to bring out its best features.
Secondarily, I've been featuring my items on Etsy for the last few months. I started with jewelry and hope my photo shop will be as fun and as successful. Just thinking about people enjoying my photos on their walls makes me smile. I live in such a beautiful place and get to travel to the most amazing sites. I am so lucky!

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