My Trip to Brimfield - the largest antiques & collectibles show in the U.S!

I thought I would share some of the photos I took while I was at the Brimfield, Massachusetts antique show this past weekend. The show has multiple fields, each one with several tables of its own. The whole show is one square mile worth of old, antique, or vintage goodies, as well as random collectibles like trains, signs, postcards, dolls, etc....I posted more info at the bottom!

A huge collection of Jadeite. The top row Sugar & Flower containers were priced at $75-95 each.
Texas Dairy buckets!! and an awesome, swiveling drawer storage thingy! If I had a bigger carriage I would take this home.

I loved these file drawers. Imagine how organized I could be with this...
More awesome storage!!
I loooove this old Red Cross container. Super cute in a vintage bathroom.

 Here is my breakfast- egg burrito and cranberry soda. P.S.- what is a "crantioxidant?" ..

People started to show up in droves by late morning...

Also....Jesus was there...along with that creepy mannequin in the background...

A huge Pez collection; old baskets painted pretty colors.

A chair from the 1870's was selling for $650; an old stove.


Gorgeous cobalt blue bottles would look great in the window.

Gazing ball atop an old pillar. That's me there in the middle...

 Pretty scrolled old doors.

The Crystal man. He had all crystal vintage chandeliers. I had to take these pics at a distance so as not to be rude. I would have loved to have gotten closer photos of the detail though.

 This vendor had tons of funny signs. He repurposed old doors and windows.

I would hang this in my basement....if I had one.

So, hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my day of Brimfield shopping. If you want to visit, hotels book a year in advance for tourists for this gigantic show. (I maybe did one-eighth of the show in 6 hours!) If you're within a few hours, take the drive up. It's worthwhile if you are a collector.
Visit their website here for information. The show happens three times a year in May, July and September. Hope to see you there next Spring!


T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh What fun :)

I LOVE the Blue Bottles, awesome shot :)

You didn't say what you did come home with????

It would have been too much of a temptation for me.

I also, love your late summer shots in the previous post, you are so right, summer has been all too brief this year also here in the PNW :(

It was nearly 100 on Sunday, so I had to cancel a photo shoot :( and today 68 seriously, crazy weather but I am taking shots everyday before the rains start :)

Have a lovely Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

Lynda said...

I've read about Brimfield for years! It looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

Mary V said...

Hey T and Lynda- Yes I will try and photograph the items I purchased for a post soon- they are just components I mainly plan to use for jewelry and some other small stuff! It was super fun! xo

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