Rocks + Water = Beautiful Coastal Abstracts

It's kind of tough to take a new or artistic photograph of something as simple as water on rocks. And it's a little weird when other people are taking photos of the lighthouse and the boats and I am concentrating on the way the water is crashing on to the rocks below. I know it's been done, but somehow I keep coming back to rocks and water. And guess what...there is an entire Flickr Group dedicated to this nature pairing! Sweet!

 And some of my faves from Flickr: (photographers noted below.)

1. Blurring the Waves, 2. moonrise acadia, 3. rocks at hunter cove, 4. Water and Shells
Hope you enjoyed....Happy Happy Weekend!!   :)   :)   :)

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

Mary, your shots are so full of textures and color variations - just lovely! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us today.
Peace, Judi

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