9 New Free Textures for you!

I made some more digital textures, which you can use in blending with your photos, digital scrapbooks, or any other digital creations. Download them here, or visit my Flickr set of textures to see these and more. Enjoy!  A few recent photo creations with textures first...

 You can selectively erase sections of texture after adding them as a second layer in Photoshop to give them a lighter touch. For example in the daisy photo below, I erased the section with the tall daisy to make it stand out.

 You can also dodge and burn the center and edges to give them vintage feel, and change the colors to your liking. If you like the grungy textures but you want them darker, you can burn them in, or go to Photoshop's "auto tone" feature under Image adjustment to automatically add some contrast.

Hunter's beach texture
Gray grunge bokeh texture

Denim grunge texture

Natural grunge texture
Natural grunge with vignette texture

Dappled blue texture

Lavender texture

Vintage Sepia bokeh texture

Tidepool bokeh texture

I enjoy making these, so if there are any that you like or want more of, let me know...which colors do you like to use in your work? Do you like darker textures or lighter ones? Which blending mode do you use the most? And what types of photos do you add texture to- nature, people, still lifes,  or landscapes?

(To download the full size, click on the ones you like below, open in new window, and maximize by clicking on it again. Right click and then save.)   :)))


Christina said...

Oooh, thanks, Mary! These are just beautiful. I like the examples you showed, too, because without them I would have had no idea that could be an end product. I plan on experimenting with these once I get off work tonight. Thank you so much for the much needed inspiration. :)

Audi A4 Turbo said...

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