Vintage Shopping Goodies!

In the winter I like to go vintage/ consignment shopping, since it's hard to get outside around here. I started really loving this when I opened my first Etsy shop and hunting for great old pendants for my shop and to create new jewelry with. But then I started seeing all kinds of things I wanted. For my house. For other people. I was addicted! 

I looove old postcards, especially the ones with funny babies. It seems like smiling ended after the age of 5 back then. I like to think the babies were being rebellious.

Postcard from 1922.

I think old stereos are so kitschy, even if they don't work (but this one did).

In the summer there are lots of flea markets around here, too, and those are usually less expensive (and require a little more hunting to find good buys.) We also have a ton of yard sales here in the late Spring, and I will slam on my brakes for those, too. Of course, I need spending money for all of this junk love, so every year my friends Joe, Alison and I have our own yard sale, full of goodies we just couldn't store anymore, and to make room for more..

I picked up this Yashica twin lens at a local consignment shop for $25. Unbelievable. 

 A gorgeously detailed filigree necklace I found languishing in a consignment unique! I sold this one last year, no wonder...I loved it.

I bought this old chipped watering can last year and put it in my kitchen window. It's only 5" tall and cost $6.

More old postcards- isn't this adorable?! I wonder what it means in German?

Old bottle tops and stoppers just look pretty when they're in a pile.

I found this shamrock vintage locket at a consignment shop in the Berkshires last cute! I just sold it from my jewelry shop on Etsy.  Perfect for Saint Patrick's day! :)


Caitlin said...

great finds, Mary :) The German postcard basically means "God loves those who live in this country"

Mary said...

aha! how cool! thanks! ;0

T @ Poppy Place said...

I LOVE G.Sales, Antique shops and vintage but with a house full of stuff I have started selling things off (just 'coz I think at some point we will move and I seriously do not want to pack all this up :)

Love the photos M. and the camera what a bargain.

I have an old phonogram and lots of 78's and I call it my Stereo (He! He!)

Have a lovely evening, T :)

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