I feel like Going for Ice Cream. (and, the best place to go for Lobster Ice Cream.)

I don't know if this is a typical phrase in other places but when I was growing up, we lived within walking distance of the local outdoor Ice Cream stand, and it was always "Wanna go for ice cream? We're going for ice cream."  It's still there, that place, and in the summer you can't really even get a place to park, so lots of people walk there. Right across the street was another place, which was more a place you went inside and they had all those little buckets where you peered in the glass to see which one looked the best. That place went out of business when I was about 5, but I still remember it fondly...

There are tons of ice cream shops in Provincetown, Massachusetts..all ready to cater to hungry and tired families who have made the 3 hour trip from the "mainland" to the outer tip of Cape Cod.

I loved this kitschy Snowman signage at a carnival last summer. It was about 97 degrees that day...

Vintage Ice cream shop sign I saw at a local antiques mall.

More fun carnival signs!

Local sign down by the beach...I think this place is only open for about 2 months...but a fruitful 2 months.
And finally and old favorite....(really old- I think I took this with my old camera...don't judge) :)

Yes.....that says  "Lobster", as in, Lobster flavored ice cream...in another picture I see it is described as "real Maine lobster, cooked, picked, buttered, and folded into a buttery vanilla ice cream."  I really wish I had opted for a sample....maybe next time I go to Ben and Bill's in Bar Harbor....:)

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Caitlin said...

Lobster ice cream? Intriguing! I remember the ice cream shop on the way to our cottage. It was the only place I had ever seen Tiger Tail, so that's what I always got. Orange with licorice swirl :)

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