Photo Cards & some new jewelry....

Just some fun things I've been working on lately! Let me know what you think...

 Above, this is a jasper stone bead that I wrapped with a gold filigree piece, added a bird charm and chain.

 Above. This was a tiny square frame to which I adhered a photo of a robin's nest and coated with glossy accents glaze.
 Above- Jesse the Barn Owl made into a necklace!

 Above- my photo "Breathe" printed to fit inside a necklace with a protective glaze and shell bead accent.

 Above, I made a bunch of photo note cards using prints of my photos adhered with acid-free 3m photo glue and using acid free, embossed cream colored cardstock. Each of them has matching envelope.

Above, one of the cards. This was my photo "Vintage Fair Ribbons" which made the front page of Etsy last week! Yippee! I sold three copies of the 8x10 and one 16x24 large format. I'm so thrilled other people see what I see when I look at this collection of old ribbons. I found it to be so pretty and interesting when I visited the Barnstable county fair last summer on Cape Cod.
I'll probably have lots more time to get crafty this week, as it is supposed to SNOW all week. :) Oh and P.S. - see my shop links on the right side of my blog for where you can purchase the above items!


Urban Mama said...

i LOVE. im going shopping right now;-)

bicocacolors said...

I'm in love with this little nest, or the balance rock!
And the postcards with colorful textile labels Mary is awesome I like everything!

Cassandra said...

wow I love those photo cards they are gorgeous!!

Katja Maki said...

Wow! How creative you are! Such beautiful work, I especially love your necklaces!

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