Around my owl collection...part one!

I really don't know when my obsession with all things owly began, but slowly these little creatures have taken over my house. I actually don't even have room for many of them, so I have started rotating them around. My collection consists of figurines, huge 70's pendants, wade statues, suncatchers, stuffed animals, puppets, teeshirts, placemats, needlepoint, wallhangings, photographs, artwork, wood blocks, soapstone carvings, banks, plates, a wallet, a picnic basket, and more. I thought they would be cute to share on my blog so here are some of the little guys (and gals.)

Porcelain owl peeking into my camera.

Above, a copper owl bank with marbled eyes, and a chubby little barn owl made of hand painted stone.

 Above, I don't know what this is made of, but isn't he cute? I love his eyes sticking out over his head.

Above, this beautiful and funky suncatcher was only $5 at a local thrift shop. It's about 8 inches across. 

The owl on the right, above, is marked "Mexico" and I almost overlooked it at a flea market, not recognizing it as an owl! It's a very abstract and folky piece of art, about 6 inches tall..for only $3. Yes!

Above, the little guy on the left reminds me of a gremlin. The cute one. What was his name?

My owl wallet, which features 70's-style owl prints with little heart cutouts. Made by Bungalow 360.

Three little owls. The one in front is flat on the back and I thought of maybe turning it into a funky pendant by adding a bail, but I'm still debating. He's only about 2 inches tall.

Above: the basket in the back is an old picnic basket with a double opening top and cute little owl hand painted on the front. I found this in the Putnam, CT antiques district for $15 last summer. 

This mini needlepoint was only $0.50 and has its own frame and hanger! It's about 3 inches square. In back is an owl figurine that has a body like a whale and giant painted eyes. 

I really adore this guy, above, because his eyes are like twice the size of his body. Made of some type of glazed ceramic, I purchased him in Florida at a thrift shop for $3. 
So, that's part of my collection. I hope to share more of it soon. It's just hard to take all of these out of their little nooks and photograph them! I'm in the process of organizing my jewelry (the stuff I sell, mostly) so while I am at it, I'll put my owl stuff aside for a future post. I also have a lot of owls in my photo print shop. If you're into owls, too, take a look at my owl photos!  Enjoy...~Mary


Maria said...

What a wonderful collection, they are all so cute!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I cross-stitched a little owl just like that when I was a kid! Funny!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Your owls are adorable! I love that first argoflex shot - it's such a cool capture!

CAPow! said...

ok, I am OBSESSED with owls and old cameras, so that first picture up there? perfection!

Judi FitzPatrick said...

An adorable collection of owls!

Mary said...

Victoria, that is too funny!! I wonder if it's yours...:) haha! Thanks so much all! My owls make me smile..hehe

KClark Photography said...

Thanks for a peek at the hooters. Photographing the things I love always makes me look at them with fresh eyes.

bicocacolors said...

me encanta tu colección de buhos!!!!

Inmate9 said...

Mom died in 98 and that's when I went to the hills of Arkansas to be with my very elderly dad. Mom loved owls and since 05 I have her collection arranged on glass shelves. There is about 20 items up there. Lately by gosh, I am pretty sure they have been moving about (on their own) up there. Some movement is quite pronounced and since I am an old guy living alone, there is no one else to fiddle with them. I'm not alarmed but like i say, it is odd. `Mike 70 yrs

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