When the weather is bad....I make jewelry..and lots of it!

Yep, the weather stinks here. Two weeks of depressing rain, howling wind and total grayness. BUT, I've been trying to put it to good use. :) Here are some of my new pieces available in my shop...what do you think, I'd love to hear!

Above, "Pink is the color of Hope" necklace.

Above: : "Sprockets", this one sold the second I listed it. Hrm, I'll have to make another one!

Above: here's a glass pendant I made using my original photo "Waiting for a Ride" and beautiful glass tiles, bails and supplies from the lovely seller CandyTiles2 - can't say enough about her shop, and she's quick to respond and helpful to boot, too. I'm STILL working on a tutorial for these- it's hard to take photos inside when the light outside is nonexistent, especially when I'm using a remote timer, and trying to hold the materials...argh.
Here's another, smaller glass tile example using "Thoughtful Gargoyle":

Above: "Black Earth".  Made this from a silver chain, multiple black, variegated and white beads wrapped around the chain with wire, and finishing with a large slice of polished black agate. Yum!

Above: "Blue Moon Sparrow", another filigree wrapped piece I did using Vintaj brass findings and turquoise.

I added some little charm-y necklaces and vintage pieces too....I went to Western Massachusetts last weekend and have some awesome finds to share as soon as I can snap some pics! ;)


Jingle said...

Oh, these are great! I really love the gears piece and that bottom piece! Gorgeous!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Oh Mary, your "pink is the color of hope" is so powerful!

Hope you get some clear days soon, so you can go off and take more beautiful photos.

Have a lovely Evening, T. :)

O. Joy said...

I adore your jewelry!

bicocacolors said...

you're so talented!
thanks for sharing your beautiful art!
I love your jewelry and your pictures!
greetings from Spain

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