Front Page, yay!

I'd almost (almost) forgotten about the stark, dark days of winter...I mean, it is 95 degrees here...but then this lovely treasury brought one of my photos, and that season, back to me.  It made Etsy's front page sometime this past weekend, and I'm thrilled with the resulting exposure and sales in both of my shops!
Anyway, I took this piece "Snow Tree", standing in a field of pure, white snow against a gray sky in early February- and I don't normally get excited about winter but this past one was made tolerable for me because of my camera, Elsie. When I'm with her I see everything in a new light, including the dark days of winter which seem so long ago!  Here is a screen shot of the front pager: (bottom row, third photo.)

Many thanks to DawnCorrespondence for creating this serene and peaceful treasury.
Now, back to summer!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Mary!
I know exactly what you mean about winter - the camera is probably the only thing that makes it tolerable for me too - and that too, only sometimes!

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