Around My House, Part II

I really enjoyed re-discovering the awesome finds I have scored over the years, plus some sentimental things I love. Sometimes it's not about obtaining new things but finding joy again in the simple things...

I snapped up this cute bumblebee watering can votive holder at local antiques and oddities shop, The Flying Pig. It was $4. I don't really burn candles in it, but I went through a "bee" phase and thought about doing a photo shoot with it somehow...

I got this glass lampshade years ago at our old Rocky Hill flea market, which has since closed down. I never figured out what kind of hardware I needed for it, nor do I have a lamp that it will fit, but I'm going to get myself down to the home improvement store and figure it out, because this shade deserves a home.

I love old skeleton keys, I have about a hundred of them. This is a larger one, about 4" and real brass, a local antique store find, from the Chepachet, Rhode Island antiques shops. Maybe I'll make some sort of ornament out of it.

I love this soldered glass ornament with beads. It is two-sided; each side has a photograph of the letter "M" taken on the street or in architecture. I have some of these that allow for an insert of your own photo, and I may work on creating some with my own photography for sale on Etsy.

When the woman who lived a few doors down moved out, she left me all of her cool succulent plants, complete with their pots. I swear, until today I had not watered them in three months, and they look great. My  kind of plant!
 The story behind this picture: When I first met Mark I told him no one had ever bought me flowers, and he was horrified. He then proceeded to begin a top-secret project, which he worked on day and night for weeks. He procured garden and flower magazines, cut and pasted together a collage and framed it for me. How sweet!

Finally, here is the loud-snoring, flying-fur, white ball of love that is my longtime buddy, Phoebe (a.k.a. Phoebes, Pheobert, Phoebe-poo, Fatty, Bunny, Lovey, Shmooshy.) She is 11 years old now and we are best buds. Truly, the most lovey-dovey cat I have ever known, her favorite pastimes (besides snoozing in her new bed) are to crawl under the comforter and hide for hours, eat cheese, and watch bugs and birds outside the window.


Blue Fox said...

As an avid - no, make that fanatic - succulent plant collector, I'm green with envy! The succulent plant looks like some type of Jade plant, and that pot is to die for! What a score - you may want to propagate the plants in case she regrets giving them away...

Mary said...

haha! thanks! luckily, she is far, far away...but soon, I will definitely have to repot them, at least! :)

Anonymous said...

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