Vintage Leica Camera Bags

My last issue of "Lucky Magazine" had a page about the current trends in handbag and listed Leica camera bags as being a "hot trend"." I just went online to find the pics there, but I couldn't find them. Instead I found some really cool (and kind of expensive) SLR bags made by Opening Ceremony that I had to bookmark.
Anyway, I continued my quest to find people on the street (that's the online street, I don't live in a cool city). And I came across some pics of people workin' the trend.

Kate Bosworth pulls it off below....although I'm not sure she's got an actual camera in there.

Here is the original copy from Lucky which I finally located...I actually like the look of the black case..a bit more mod and less indie. 

And I searched on Etsy, my fave shopping site, for some selling these bags and found this bag, with a 44" strap and rich espresso leather from seller Mountainshadowsmod:

 I don't know much about this beloved camera brand, to be honest. But I like any trend that incorporates photography...even if it's just "for show."  And for those of us who cannot afford an actual Leica camera, the bag is an actual useful way to honor the brand while keeping gum and money close at hand.
Happy Friday Eve!


Caitlin said...

These are really cute~ great idea! And thanks for the comments you left on my blog the other day! :)

MaryVican said...

thanks dear! Camera bags- my new accessory obsession. Accession? Obsessory?

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