Put Some Spring in your Etsy Shop!

Most people look at two times of the year as times of "renewal". One of course is the calendar New Year, when our intentions are good and our future is bright and shiny...The other is the start of the traditional school year....new books, sharpened pencils, more structure to our days (and for parents, more time for yourself!) Me? I feel the time is now- my sales are starting to pick up a bit, and day by day the sun feels a bit warmer on my face. I know soon I'll be lounging by the pool instead of logging dark and stormy hours at my computer. So how can we think about renewing, re-inventing and re-invigorating our Etsy shops, as we do ourselves this time of year?

Refresh your Banners and Avatars. Showcase new items, and get rid of that banner showing things you've sold. Try showing things you can't sell, or haven't sold. Make it a little brighter, a little more colorful. Change your avatar to something bright and fresh- a photo of yourself wearing a new work of jewelry, a sparkly water photograph, your niece wearing a new knit hat. If you can, include a photo of yourself somewhere. It reminds people that you're human, in a virtual world of connection.

Rethink your photographs. We all have them. Those listings that are a little lacking in the visual interest department. I get carried away and want to list all my new jewelry and then forget to switch my lens to macro. Or maybe all winter you've had a hard time shooting pics in daylight, so some of your items had to be shot indoors, and have a yellowish cast. Now, the sun is out later, so take some of those old tired items back outside in the yard, drape some pretty fabric over a chair, set your camera on macro, and go!  Then update your photos in your listings, making sure the best shot is the first one. Even if you can only do one new shot of each item, it can help. Look at the slight difference below between one of my necklaces taken using indoor light (LEFT) vs. natural daylight (RIGHT).

Both have a light background, but the 80's heart piece shows much more detail and depth. The one on the right was also shot using my macro setting and the other was not. Better yet: show yourself involved with your item: wear it, hold it, take a photo of someone using it!

Advertise for yourself. Do you have another more than one Etsy shop? Place that link on your shop's homepage. Do you have a blog, that buyers on Etsy might be interested in reading or following? Place the link to your blog in each of your listings and on your homepage. Are you part of an Etsy team? If so, download their team button and use it as one of your thumbnails when listing items. It shows you are part of a team effort and a serious artist who is involved with the Etsy community. In this listing,  I show my Female Photographers of Etsy team logo below my piece.

Restock your packaging decor. I love buying from Etsy for many reasons, but one of the cheap thrills is the delight of opening someone's handmade packaging and envelope, raffia, bows or tissue paper, and then reading a handmade card or note. I also collect my fave stores' business cards and save them. So why not pick up some inexpensive items at a bargain store (or shop on Etsy) to spice up your packaging? Colored tissue paper, clearance bows and ribbons, pretty cardstock, and small thank-you cards related to the theme of your shop are all you need. Have everything ready to cut, stick and pack for your next shipment! And next time you pack a really nice sale, why not snap a pic of it! Then you can add this to your thumbnails, and show buyers the care you put into your packaging, as well as your wares.

These are just a few tips to spark up your Etsy shop...I plan on doing them too! Happy Spring!


Danangib said...

Thank you very much for your generosity to share these tips with us.

myan/zuppaartista said...

great tips mary!
i am so lazy but my shop is in need of some spring cleaning for sure!! lol

MaryVican said...

thanks for reading Dana! Myan- lol!

Georgianna said...

Great ideas, Mary! We can all use spring cleaning in our shops! I would really like to standardize the packaging aspect of it as I agree that handmade is so lovely. I spend the most time on that part of it so if I had it more organized, things could get out faster. Have a great weekend! – g

MaryVican said...

Georgianna- agreed! I tend to make it up as I go sometimes. ;)

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