Ambush Victims - Cassia Beck & Mandy Bryant

I love this idea that my Etsy team, (Female Photographers of Etsy) came up with. It's called an Ambush, and every few weeks a "victim" is chosen and everyone goes shopping in their Etsy shops, blogs about them, and generally makes them feel good for a day or so. Not only is it nice to do, it's fun to have an excuse to shop...:)
I'm running a bit behind, so I must mention our last ambush was Cassia Beck, owner of two lovely shops: Cassia Beck  and Lola's Room! I purchased a vintage, summery, sunshiney postcard set from Cassia which had prints worthy of framing. Swoon! See below!

I can feel the sun already. And today's victim is Mandy Bryant, recently featured in F-stop magazine, whose slightly surreal, dreamy, vintage-processed pieces are pure heave. Her shop is called The Light Fantastic, and that's a great description, as all her pieces have an ethereal, warm light to them. I love the dreamlike images of girls and balloons and the idea of escape and hiding that she conjures, such as in the piece below "Don't See Me."

The best thing about these two talented ladies is that their work is not only totally original and beautiful, it's affordable! Check out their shops and see what I mean.

I love being able to support the talented photographers of fPOE, it feels so good to give back to the artist community...and live in a dream for a day (or forever, if you're lucky enough to own a piece.) :)

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