The Alphabet, all using Butterfly Wings!

Ok, this is really one of the coolest- and most beautiful- things I've seen lately. I was contemplating a trip to Deerfield, Mass, home of the Yankee Candle factory (yum) and the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, when I stumbled across this awesome piece of photographic art available for purchase there and online:

 Above: The Butterfly Alphabet, by Kjell Sandved

Yes, those are all real photos of pieces of butterfly wings! The website says of the artist, Kjell Sandved: "Kjell (pronounced shell) Sandved was an exchange student working in the Smithsonian when he discovered a perfect "F" in the wing of a butterfly display. He spent the next 24 years traveling to over 30 countries world-wide searching for the 26 letters of the alphabet in the wings of butterflies and moths. During his search, he also found numbers, smiley faces and hearts."

I can't wait to visit this place. It looks like fun. And I just love how the photo of their gift shop shows the employees decked out in antennae. :)

Above: photo from the website of the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, Deerfield, Massachusetts.

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