Summers in the 80's

Memories of this time include..
  • filling my grandparents' shoes with seashells I found at Second   Beach, Middletown, Rhode Island
  • eating mystery candies in a jar in my papou's cupholder (they had no label or date...I think he had them for years..but they were chewy little white taffy)
  • wearing sundresses and white leather cutout sandals
  • visiting Uncle Vahe's beach house near Rocky Point Park, and if we wanted to go swimming we had to wear our patent leather mary janes because the land was so rocky it would cut up our bare feet
  • having about 150 relatives and friends come to my parents' house for lobster and quahogs
  • instant satisfaction with the grayish print from a clunky Polaroid camera...and subsequent excitement of watching it develop before my very eyes!
  • jumping off the diving board and into an inner tube
  • fighting with Uncle Dean, 15 years my senior, over who got the window seat on his first Airplane ride (and then demanding cash for the privilege...and getting it)
  • my mother recording my only-child antics with her 32 pound video camera (this was before my sister was born...)...things such as "painting" the bricks of our porch with a cheap paintbrush and bucket of water...which kept me entertained for hours, as the "paint" would dry and fade and I had to then "re-paint"....thanks Ma!
  • good times, hot summer sunshine, great friends, family love, warm hugs, cold pools, flimsy clothes, bare feet, wet grass, rocky shoreline, rough sand, salty air, seagulls crying, laughter  ;)
****P.S. read my Guest Blog today from Katrina and the King's "The You and Me Show"!


all that i am said...

"bloved" your use/invention of BLOVE over on
and just had to tell you
blove your blog and photos too!

Mary said...

ohh thanks so much! Isn't that word great? feel free to use it! lol. Thanks so much for coming by!!

all that i am said...

and thanks for looking at all i am

Georgianna said...

Hi Mary, Yes, I love "blove", too! :)

I love what you shared here – sounds like a truly wonderful, playful and perfect summer holiday! Especially the painted bricks! Smart! :)

Mary said...

My mom is a smart cookie...

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