SIGNS of Spring...Joe's new Etsy shop, Boulevard Concepts!

I had to include this awesome banner to get your attention....(plus, I made it..which makes it special.) Now...

My friend and coworker Joe has been dreaming of opening his own Etsy shop since before the holidays last year. He must have seen me squeal every time I sold something or got convo'd (that really makes my day!). Anyway, I'm thrilled for him because he's got his shop open now and it's already hugely popular!

Above: KAREN Dr.  Available as individual print in multiple sizes....OR... (drumroll)

Above: Karen as part of her family (with spouse name and last name, plus custom calligraphy by Joe.

 How did this idea come about? Joe had been taking photographs for a long time when he started noticing, not THOSE kind of signs. Street signs! In various first and last names of people he knew. So, he started shooting. No, not THAT kind of shooting.With his camera! Every sign he saw, every weird sign, phrase, or name of someone he knew...and then names of those he didn't know.

 Above: Thomas St. rendered in black and white, with Joe's personal message.

He combined names and words to design the journeys of his gift recipients....for example, Donna & Jason and thirdly the street sign Ocean St....for a couple who found love in a city by the sea. With beautiful calligraphy, custom matting, and total passion for his work, Joe's pieces truly are spectacular!

 Above: Joe's mat, ready for your name.
And what's more interesting is that every one of the signs he uses is a real sign, no graphic manipulation, no photoshop tweaking. Joe keeps a very detailed log of all of his names, including where they were in New England, anything intriguing about the surroundings, the time of year it was taken, and even a brief blurb about the meaning of the name. Read his profile and it's crystal clear: Joe's intention is to make people feel that their path in life is unique, and should be valued and celebrated.

Above: an example of Joe's street sign with a word instead of a name. 

You can find Joe's shop at Don't see your name there? Just send a message to Joe through Etsy, and he'll check his vast inventory for you!
I really enjoy being able to share the journey of Etsy with my great friend Joe! He's such an inspiration, isn't he?

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