National Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday, it was unseasonably warm in Rhode Island, so I packed up Elsie and headed for the Sachuest Point NWR in Middletown, RI. I don't know what I was expecting to see really, but I thought it was a good excuse to get out. Here are some images from the day:
Fence leading to the refuge. In the background is Sachuest Beach (aka "Second Beach"), Middletown, RI. So crowded in summer we've waited for a parking spot in line for hours. But today it was all mine.
Weird little spiny pinecones.
Berries everywhere.
I wish I could have shot this tree from the other side so I could get the color, but I love the sun flare and the silhouette.
This is the refuge part of the preserve, where humans are not allowed! It looks like a prairie.

Then, I headed back to Easton's Beach (aka "First Beach") in Newport, which is adjacent to the famous cliff walk. It was completely littered with quahog shells! I guess they just rake them in the summer, because otherwise no one would be able to lay down their towel. 

These two doggies carried a frisbee between their mouths for about a half an hour. Neither would let go. Seriously! It was adorable.

Father and son walking on the beach.
I can't wait to go back to the refuge in the spring....I know they have tons of birds there that are not seen in other parts of the state.


Caitlin said...

lovely day for a walk outside. i am hoping our weather is nice tomorrow so i can explore with the camera :)

cute~ i like your new banner!

Mary said...

thanks! I actually made it using Picnik, a collage, used Epson's background and inserted my images. I know I am really craving spring now!

Georgianna said...

What beautiful images, Mary! I can just smell the wonderful sea air and the refuge looks like a marvelous place for a peaceful ramble. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments! xo – g

Mary said...


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