Glass Photo Pendants

I started making these last summer. I purchased my supplies from Etsy, read some tutorials online, and got to work! The results were so cool, I ended up keeping most of them for myself...hehe! Then for holiday gifts, I used my technique to make glass photo ornaments and two "baby Oliver" necklaces for my cousin-in-law, with cute little photos of her new baby on them. Anyway, here are some of the ones I made early on that were on my old Etsy shop, which I closed down. (I'm now redoing more necklaces for my newer Etsy shop- the one I have for my photography!) So here are some of them:

Oh and P.S.I plan on putting together a how-to on these soon...with some tips and tricks and warnings I learned along the way!  And P.P.S. I purchased all of my supplies from the awesome Etsy seller, Candy Tiles! I used the 1" by 1 7/8" size for the ones above, but I also like the 1 3/8" squares.  ;)

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