I'm back!! Enjoying Summer :)

I've been away from bloggy land for ages! Meanwhile, it's 90 something degrees this week and I'm already pre-mourning the passing of Independence Day... and the shortening of the days starting next week already...

Anyway, just wanted to post some of these gorgeous flowers from the Vero Beach Botanical Garden in Florida taken a few months ago, and to say I hope everyone is having a great summer so far, getting outside and enjoying nature..if you can stomach all the pollen sticking around. I hope it disappears soon! I've been away so long because I'm taking graduate classes and there is a lot of work involved, although I am enjoying that too, I can't wait to pick up my camera again.

The quote above is by Elizabeth Bibesco.  Isn't it true though...in winter the lines of nature are so limited in New England...grays and stark whites and the sketchy outlines of branches. In summer our surroundings come alive with color and abandon and the driveway chalk drawings and lemonade stands dotting the neighborhoods. It's my favorite time of year and I wish it lasted so much longer around here! Happy Summer.....


Caitlin said...

She's BAAAACK!!!!

How are you?

Nat said...

Woo hoo!!! so nice to read you again! welcome back! though I understand that summer draws you outside and the beach instead of blogging... take some gorgeous pix of those beachy places you´re at! I´m missing them already!

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