Venice Beach in a softer light.

Venice Beach...according to my Frommer's guide some place I had to visit while in L.A., if for no other reason than to people watch the zany surfers, skaters, rollerbladers and salespeople along this stretch of shoreline. But on the day I visited, it was foggy and not so warm, and the crowd was thinned just enough to take some photographs of the softer side of this beautiful length of beach.

Artistic trompe l'oeil on the side of a building.

Looking North down the beach...

Day of the Dead skulls, hand painted, for sale along the boardwalk.

Looking South toward the pier...a slight fog and some extra waves meant the surfers were out.

Lots and lots of friendly pigeons.

Funky sunglasses for sale.

Happy Face kitesurfer and row of seagulls.

Hope you enjoyed visiting Venice Beach with can read more about the Beach and various neighborhoods of Venice, as well as its history, here. :)


Annelie said...

You are SO talanted.
Love the painted skulls picture.


liza said...

Wow, i especially love the pics of the lifeguard station and skulls for sale.

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh L.A. it is beautiful and sad at the same time, exciting and cold, it was a great place to live for a while in my 20's but way too weird to think of living there permanently :)

LOVE the pics, only you could make L.A. so inviting, awesome shots! :) T.

Paul said...

You have an excellent eye for pattern. I especially like the Day Of The Dead Skulls. They actually were arranged like that?

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