Lessons from Ladies who Lunch

Once we visited this beautiful place in Sarasota called the Marie Selby botanical garden. While there, I noticed people with their briefcases and laptops having their work lunches in this gorgeous place, and I thought, "If I could, I would have lunch here everyday....I would escape from my desk, sneak away, and get some peace." I tried as often as I could to step outside during my breaks and sometimes even go for drives to nowhere, enjoying the fresh air, and then returning to work.

It's even better if you bring your lunch goodies with you and/or have a bench nearby.  I loved this little garden area (above) because it was super private and because it had this lovely pink foxglove bloom right in front of it. Bees love foxglove, they huddle inside the bell shaped blooms gathering pollen and you don't even notice until they pull themselves out.

These lovely "Ladies who Lunch", as I call them, all had colorful floppy hats on and were having drinks and lunch on the lawn at a hotel in Newport last week.  I stood there in my flip-flops and bun and though, Why don't I ever wear a hat or dress up for lunch? How come I don't grant myself a mid afternoon drink with a view like this? What am I waiting for, really?  They may not work or maybe they took a girls' day off. All I know is, they were making the most of their time together, all dressed up, matching hats, and drinks in hand. They claimed some adirondack chairs down by the water for their lunch.

Sure, we don't all have hours every day to go outside, or we don't live in a gorgeous seaside town like Newport. (neither do I.) I have learned, though, from the last few years spent learning photography that we can make time for things that are beautiful. Take the scenic route to work and the long, unknown way home. Take time to sit by the ocean instead of by the highway. Pick or purchase real flowers instead of fake ones for your dining room table. If you have dinner at a restaurant in the summer, enjoy it alfresco.

Wear your floppy, colorful hat whenever possible. Remember the most unassuming things, like dappled sun through the trees, a lonely garden bench, and ladies who lunch, make the best subjects for your photos. Take time for yourself and nature...just the two of you. There doesn't need to be another person present to enjoy it. Your job, and your life, will still be waiting when you're done. :)


Anika said...

So beautiful!
Found your blog through the FPOE flickr group...lovely here, look forward to seeing more in the future.

Mary said...

thanks so much! Glad you stopped by! :)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I love this gorgeous series. Mary you have done a beautiful job of taking us all to lunch with you and I enjoyed every minute!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

A New England Life said...

I'm with you Mary! I always enjoy the scenic route. Lunching like the ladies do would be wonderful but it's hard to herd them together. Everyone is so busy all the time.

You captured some delightful images to share with us. I just love summer!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Lovely shots and wonderful thoughts :) T.

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