A little bit of salty Cape Cod air for your week.

At the bend in the "elbow" of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Chatham is one of my favorite places. I'm posting some photos from earlier this Spring as I have somehow misplaced my Nikon battery charger and have been lost without my camera....wish me luck finding it..:) Enjoy the view!

Above and below: some of the sand bars and the little inlets the tide creates...lots of kids always playing in these in the summer.

Above, the Chatham lighthouse.

Starlings on telephone wires. I don't know why, I just like them.

The fish pier is a lively place where the lobster fishermen and women come back from work in the afternoons, causing a ruckus among the locals...the seals and the seagulls, of course! Below are some more beautiful photos from some talented Flickrers...credits below.

1. Chatham Harbor Aerial (w/ fish pier), 2. Seal Feeding, 3. View From the Chatham Pier


Georgianna said...

I knew I would find some coastal bliss here! So beautiful, Mary – someday I'll visit Cape Cod. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend! xo – g

A. Jarrett said...

These are so gorgeous - love these captures of cape cod!

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