Coming back to Etsy soon...

I've been so busy this spring that I closed my Etsy shops temporarily so I could get organized. Doing my taxes made me realize just how much I need a real desk/ office, receipt location, folders and a calendar. I've been donating and selling about seventeen pounds of clothing over the last few months. My friend Joe and I are planning our massive annual yard sale, which is insane because every year it is bigger than the year before, and yet the whole point is that we are getting rid of, guiltily, I guess during the rest of the year we're making up for it.

My sister has moved home for the summer before she moves away again - sniffle- to the west coast. We traveled to New York to help her move out last month and then attended her graduation from college...and then little by little everyone I know comes out of hiding this season, having parties, barbecuing in the backyard, trying to figure out inexpensive day trips with the kids...I attempt to cram in as many social events and get-togethers as I can stand before the weather changes yet again. Summers in New England are so sadly fleeting.
So, if anyone is out there in blog world, or maybe you've been just as busy or more so than me...just wanted to say my shops will probably re-open by the end of the month. I have to go back and do a little house-cleaning but I have so many prints to add from the last few months, and I'm super excited about that.
In addition to fixing my own office and supplies before reopening, I plan to:

  •   analyze my print listings that have expired and either renew them or delete them
  •   add my new prints to my shop
  •   take photos of all the jewelry I have ready to sell (3-4 boxes worth)
  •   redo my print shop banner
  •   add links back to my shop in each individual listing, making it easier for people to find other sizes and  similar pieces, etc
  •   reply to a few requests from very patient people for prints in custom sizes
  •   design a quick email response that I can send out to customers immediately after their purchase, identifying my email, when to expect their item(s), and offering any assistance with their order
  • order more business cards from Moo with updated artwork

Taking a break from online selling has been a good decision for the last few months, at least for me, so I can spend the time I need doing the above and also just enjoying life. Anyone who tells you that opening an Etsy or Ebay account is easy is lying. But I really do enjoy interacting with people and I've made some great connections through my shops, especially with the other artists and sellers. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things....;)
Happy Summer! xo


Judi FitzPatrick said...

I feel your pain. My older daughter and her husband are moving across the country the end of the month where they will be near my younger daughter. I will miss them dreadfully.
I understand too about Etsy - I've only got one shop and often find it just too much - I've cut way back on the time I spend on it.
I hope your return is fruitful and you will be off to a running start.
Peace, Judi

WendyCarvalho said...

Hey Mary! Welcome back, I hear ya on being so busy... I stopped working on my Etsy shop for a while too. Hoping after the wedding I can get organized and back in the swing of things. Good luck with the yard sale :)

PS love the new banner

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Hey Mary, I completely get the short summer thing (we are still waiting for ours here in Oregon :(

One of my sons came home for the summer from college, the other went back to England, My daughter came up from San Fran, plus the summer visitors there always seems to be someone coming or going :)

I really get the Etsy thing, I truly have a Love/Hate relationship with it!

Looking forward to your new shop photos, I kept one of your calendars and I get to see your beautiful work in my office everyday :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

Anonymous said...

Mary, seems like the time off has been great for you! Good luck with your shop re-opening and getting things organized! Wishing you the best of luck!

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