A Day Full of Birds

These were all seen on the same day, this past Saturday, in coastal Rhode Island.
Here is one of my favorites. Osprey spend winters as far south as Argentina. They are seen around here in April through the summer months. They build their nests in the same places every year- usually very high off the ground, in utility poles, or other high structures, near a body of water where they can fish. Their nests are made of anything and everything they can find- other than sticks, clothing, garbage, fishing nets. These two are a mated pair. The female on the right was sitting over her eggs when the male came back. He didn't have a fish in his mouth though. Maybe next time...

Here is a red-winged blackbird calling out. The males call to other males to assert themselves. They hang out in swampy areas, in tall grasses. 

Below, this pretty guy I'm almost sure is a male house finch. He was chillin' near a very exclusive golf club, and I think he looks awfully dapper. Not sure about his handicap, though.

 Here is an egret I caught from quite a distance.
 A cormorant dries its heavy wet wings on a jetty rock. They can be seen doing this for long periods of time before they go diving for fish.
 Below is a northern mockingbird. They have many calls and can mimic other birds quite well. They're also aggressive toward people, if you get too close.
 Below- I think this is another finch..perhaps the female house finch, because it's not as brightly colored as the male? He had more yellow and red markings and this one is mostly gray.
 Here is a relative of the mockingbird- the Catbird. Its call sounds like a dying cat or whining child.

And this little guy was doing this "wing dance" near my feet while I was watching the osprey. I turned my camera on him, and he continued to do this showing off motion, fanning out his wings, then back down, over and over. Flickrers told me he may be casting shadows to scare off bugs, or he may have had a nesting mate nearby and was attempting to scare me away. But he was not backing down until I left.I could still see him in my car side mirror, and as I shut the door he scooted back into the grasses.
So, those are my latest birds....still having lots of fun with my 300mm lens! Being able to hear the birds before I see them is helpful this time of year, when they are harder to see among the filled-out trees and flowers. So I am trying to learn the various calls and chirps as well.   By the way, if you know the birds I am not 100% sure of, above, let me know in the comments, I would love to know. :)

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