Magnolias and more.....Mom's yard in blossom

Before going out to Easter dinner (we gave up cooking), I had a chance to take some pics at my mother's. We also took turns playing glamour shot photographers of each other in front of the magnolia trees, but I won't be posting those here..hehe!

Weeping cherry tree. The birds really like this one. It's like a canopy.

Magnolia tree next to the driveway.

I spent a few minutes trying to capture the fuzzies backlit by the sun on the side of this magnolia bud.

The Star Magnolia.

Hope you enjoyed....I plan on stalking a few of the neighbors beautiful trees over the next days too, as long as the weather is nice enough. Although I'll take them anytime, flowers are so much more pretty in the sunshine!


A New England Life said...

So, so pretty! I love all the bokeh and the soft, romantic colors.

Tomorrow I hope to go out and shoot Magnolia's also, before they're gone.

Yvonne - Frl.Klein said...

Very pretty! Love the soft tones!!!!

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

Oh my, stunning as usual my dear, love these, sorry I'm a little late, got caught up in a wedding craze (He! He!) T.

Georgianna said...

These are really fabulous, Mary! The second to the last one is like a dream. :) Beautifully done.

And yes, the photos in your latest post are of a Kwanzan cherry tree.

Love your header photos, too. xo – g

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