Fun with Birds and my new lens!

I've been toting around my new 300mm lens on weekends for those "what kind of bird is that?" sightings and occasional public bird feeder fun. Before I got this I was struggling to make out blurry blobs taken with my 105mm- so not enjoyable. I'm still learning, but it's incredibly hard to photograph birds! Anyway here are some of my shots from the last two weeks, species and location.

Tufted Titmouse, Mystic, CT
Red-tailed Hawk, Mystic, CT
Downy Woodpecker, birdfeeder at the Nature Center, Mystic, CT
Mourning Dove (sleepy!), Mystic, CT
Male Northern Cardinal, Trustom Pond, Charlestown, RI
Female Northern Cardinal, Trustom Pond, Charlestown, RI

Squirrel, stealing all the bird seed, feeders at the Trustom Pond welcome center, Charlestown, RI
Northern Mockingbird (thanks, Kristy!), South Kingstown, RI

White-throated sparrow, Trustom Pond, Charlestown, RI
American Starlings, at the Equinox Diner, Mystic, CT (yummy burgers there, BTW)

Mourning Dove, Mystic, CT
Nuthatch doing a tap dance, Mystic, CT
Black-capped Chickadee, Watchaug Pond, Charlestown, RI
Great Horned Owl, rescue inside the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, Mystic, CT
Downy Woodpecker (I think!), Nature Center, Mystic, CT
I also got to see my first ....Mole, crawling out of the ground near Trustom Pond. It was like a little gray mouse, but I couldn't see its face, he came out for some fallen birdseed and then disappeared... Not sure what kind of mole this is....  Here is the little guy...


Georgianna said...

Well, yes, it is incredible hard to photograph birds. I fail at it consistently.

However, you did very well. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

You're putting the new lens to great use, Mary! Love these. I think the first one, the tufted titmouse, is my fave.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Wow - you've been busy! Great shots. It's easy to get a bird shot, but very hard to get a GOOD bird shot. But you are showing us how it's done :) I think the little woodpecker is my fav.

Christina said...

Wow, all of these pictures are fantastic! I especially like the one of the cute fuzzy squirrel and the nuthatch. :)

T @ Poppy Place said...

Mary, these are amazing. You put all my bird shots to shame. :)

I love that you know what birds they are too, I would most probably just put pretty little red bird etc (jk)

I LOVE my 300mm lens and take most of my photos with it, I am totally addicted to using it.

Have a lovely weekend, your work is truely inspiring. :) T.

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