What should I do with my new Hutch/ Cabinet?

I have procured this old pine Hutch, which I got at an estate sale...here is a photo of what it looked like before I took it home (the lady liked country dolls I guess).. My idea is that I can use it to store all my supplies, crafts, beads, mats, etc which are floating all over my guest bedroom.

I've been looking online for ideas on what to do with it- paint it? replace the knobs? put cork on the lower wall section and use it as an inspiration board?
Here are some cool ideas and photos I found for a similar idea. I'm pondering some options...

Here is a wonderful "after" picture of a very similar piece which I found on this awesome site, The Frosted Gardner. I love the distressed look and the natural wood they left peeking through the white paint.

And here is a glossier, more contemporary makeover of a similar piece located on Design Sponge:

I like the glass doors on the one above, I may have to take out the chicken wire and fabric on mine (or at least replace the fabric...it's a little dated.)

This one's smaller than mine but I like the cozy feeling:

Since my hutch has a larger "tabletop" area I would definitely put a small lamp on top of it. I like the homey feel of it over an officey bank lamp. Photo from L Kells Antiques lovely blog.

Here's a version (again, painted white) which is shown being used as a piece of storage furniture in a baby nursery.  I definitely think the paint makes this gigantic piece a little more room friendly. I know it's a beautiful wood, but it doesn't really match my style. Photo from TLC Home.

Finally, here's a photo of something I'd like to do also, covering the wall portion with cork tiles for my various papers and postcards and to do lists:

If anyone has any ideas or advice I'd love to know....I also now need a desk to go along with this! I'm thinking something large like a small dining table and without any storage since I already have that covered. Then I'll have plenty of room for my computer, papers...and feet. :)


Susannah said...

Paint it white and distress it - oh my, and if you decide it won't fit in your home let me know and I will buy off you!! I LOVE it. It is gorgeous, I am a white freak so am picturing it painted and distressed....divine.

Georgianna said...

What a wonderful piece!!! So much storage. Yes, paint it white and maybe a bit of distressing. Can't wait to see it finished. :)

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