Experimenting with abstract style photography

Abstract photography means different things to people, but to me it conjures images of everyday scenes and objects that are turned, by the photographer, into something not immediately recognizable. So, a field of grass becomes a wonderland of huge trees...or bubbles in glass of soda are a mesmerizing blur of circles. I do have some photos which seem to fit that bill, some of them are in my shop, but others I never saw as being very "successful" photos....but perhaps they are...just not the type I normally strive for...and that's ok!

Above:  Canadian geese heading south, during Sundown
Above: reflection of winter trees in the fading sun, seen in a pond

Above: tendrils and plants by the beach
Above: crystal clear water over smooth pebbles
Above: tidal flats cause patterns in the sand during low tide on a Cape Cod beach.
Above: the clear beach water trickles down through the flats at low tide.

Above: Autumn reflections in the river.
Above: watery ripples in Newport harbor right before Sunset.
Above: another watery reflection, of a rainbow colored sail, Block Island.
Above: closeup of sea kelp, Maine.
Above: some type of flower...seen in the Marie Selby Gardens, Sarasota.
Above: leaf on curly branch.
Above: the Margaret Todd sailboat, Bar Harbor, Maine.
ABove: glowing purple summer flower, side of the road, Cape Cod.

Above: dandelion fuzz.
Above: carbonation closeup in my bottle of soda.
So, that's my roundup of some abstract photos from my archives!  I suppose I do tend to see patterns in water ripples, stones, and certain flower patterns. I also like selectively focusing my lens to capture a scene in a more dreamy, blurry sort of way. I did this with some of the scenes I came across in Acadia National Park last summer, when the weather was rainy, misty and foggy and lent to that kind of dreamy landscape. One example of that weekend is the Margarett Todd sail boat above.

I'd love to learn more about this type of photography and how others see the abstract style. It's one of my focuses this year to learn more about the different styles of photography that I tend to shy away from. :)


Charlene said...

I really like the image of the dandelion fuzz. I would have had no idea what it was but it’s gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary - Great new design, btw! I think it fits well with your style of photography!

I actually really like abstract stuff. I follow a couple of photographers who do it really well, and occasionally I dive into it myself. My favorite is abstract macro stuff.

Recently I came across the work of Daniel Sroka, who takes abstract macro to a whole new level. He's my biggest inspiration right now, and I can't wait for winter to end so I can get back out there and explore!

laura evans/photography said...

stunning images chica ... i love experimenting with abstract too, especially in nature & then this week modern architecture. it's so fun to push boundaries & try something totally new! great post ... have a wonderful week! xx

Sara Montague Miller said...

Those are wonderful! I especially love the reflections. :)

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