Butterflies for the first day of December!

These sweet specimens are butterflies I photographed at a Butterfly museum in Florida on my vacation last week! I loved their patterns and colors and have many more that I plan to upload soon! I combined these with some various vintage camera viewfinder textures to create an old-fashioned, "through the viewfinder" feel. Enjoy!

I love the red upper wings and leopard printed hindwings of this one, above. I don't have the name of this butterfly so if anyone reading knows, please comment!

Above, a display of some various butterflies and moths that I found just beautifully colorful.

Above, these beauties are actually Sunset Moths, not butterflies, although they are often mistaken for them due to their colors. The colors are produced by scales on their wings that are shaped to allow light to bounce off ridges in their surface.  A brilliant, iridescent color becomes evident as the creature opens its wings.

Above, the Death's Head Hawkmoth is one of the largest moths in the world. Its creepy name comes from the human skull-like design on the back of its body, near the head. It was the moth featured on the book cover and movie of "Silence of the Lambs".

Above, the Ulysses Butterfly has a vibrant cyan blue color and swallowtailed hindwings and was striking to see even under glass.


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Just gorgeous, Mary!

Charlene said...

The texture you applied looks wonderful. They are all gorgeous specimens.

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