Mom and Mary's Day-cation to Block Island

My mother and I decided to spend the day Saturday bonding and sightseeing. We took the ferry over to Block Island to enjoy a gorgeous day...warm and are some pics from our day!

 So, arriving by ferry this is the first sight- the cliffs of Block Island. You can see the far off North Lighthouse on the cliffs.

We visited the Southeast Light, which is more accessible by foot.

We went inside the was about 110 degrees. The light is blinking here. Our tour guide told us this light is worth $3 million and it is riddled with bullet holes and cracks dating back to the civil war.

Looking down from the spiral staircase at the small museum below.

We then headed over to the next bluff down, to go to the cliff's edge and view the lighthouse over the water. If you look carefully you will see a staircase built into the cliff below the lighthouse and people on the beach below. It is a crazy walk down, but worth while.

The sun cooperated more toward the left of our view- the water looked almost tropical, not like New England at all.

We drove back toward town...

Where I convinced my mother to stop at Abrams Animal Farm....we had so much fun feeding the animals, especially this cute llama who nuzzled me the whole time.

We found this strange, giant broccoli-eating emu/ ostrich bird there...

Along with this otherworldly creature...the "Zedonk" (right). Half donkey, half zebra.

We then spent a few lovely hours at the beach...

Before heading back on the ferry.

Bye bye, Block Island!  (That's the National Hotel in the near left background, a historic site, where we ate lunch.) peaceful! Thanks Ma for a beautiful day!


Caitlin said...

What a gorgeous day at the beach :)

lauren anne said...

gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. you have talent [and the most pretty places to take pictures of] :)

i am now definitly a follower.

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