80's Flashback!

This weekend my "Rubiks and Slinky" photo print was featured in two different 80's themed Etsy treasuries. They are so fun and kitschy I figured I would post them here...Who knew you could purchase Gizmo on Etsy? I kinda want him! 

Below is the 80's Flashback created by missPriscillaPomeroy- click here for link!
and here is another one (featuring cute little Gizmo again!) created by Stargazer02- click here for link!
So, all morning I've been thinking about where my plastic viewfinder is and if I could maybe find an old Glow Worm online. I used to collect puffy stickers of Princess Leia and Han Solo from my cereal boxes and stick them in a shiny teal, laminated cardboard sticker book (I still have it somewhere...must find it!) I was reeeallly into the My Little Ponies, in fact I still have some of them floating around my house (in pristine condition, hair combed, little flowers and stars on their bums, etc).  
I still distinctly remember one family Thanksgiving when my cousin Thalia showed up with Posey- a new, yellow, prancing Pony with pink hair- she was brand new and I hadn't gotten to Toys R' Us with my mother yet to check it out, but now Thalia had her, and I couldn't copy her because we played ponies together and how could there be TWO Poseys?? I was pretty bummed because I really LOVED Posey Pony...
Thalia and I used to setup the Dream Castle and Pony shower by the sink and give our ponies Spa Days. I miss those times! (We also used to have our own Radio Station....WPAF Thalia and Mary...on which we used old cassette tapes to record our parents saying things and have tea parties for our stuffed animals...)
But I digress...enjoy!


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Congratulations, Mary. Those are fun treasuries for sure.
Peace, Judi

Lynda said...

Congrats on the treasuries! Thanks for the flashback to the '80s! :)


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