Road Trip to Wellfleet

Just a few pics from my Memorial Day weekend road trip up the Cape to Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

Below is the requisite Lobster Roll sandwich. After spending a few hours at the flea market, I stopped at a random roadside place with a faded sign and very few cars. Oh well, more for me!

The beach at Newcomb Hollow was road-blocked, due to the lots being full, so I drove a half mile up the road to discover this beach. The parking lot was above the highest bluffs I had ever seen. The sand dunes slid precariously down to the water... I had to remove my shoes, as did everyone else, to get enough footing to slide down the bluffs to the beach below.

Below, Wellfleet Harbor. Wellfleet is bordered on its East side by the Atlantic Ocean (above) and on its West side by the Cape Cod Bay (below.) Wellfleet is known for its delicious osyters and many of them could be seen in the mudflats around the marshlands.

Below: Uncle Tim's Bridge, an earth-friendly way to take in views of the marsh and its wildlife residents.

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